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The great thing about Scottish cities is they have their own unique identity and attractions. Edinburgh has its ancient history and arts culture, while Glasgow thrives on its shopping and lively nightlife. Then there is Aberdeen, where North Sea oil and granite have shaped an altogether different cityscape. The fourth city of Scotland is Dundee and with no less notable history than the others it celebrates its tagline of 'the City of Discovery', on many different levels and provides visitors with a range of activities and attractions set against the beautiful Tayside surrounds. Dundee hotels are as impressive as the city itself.

The 'Discovery' connections have their origins in the name of the ship built in the city and used for the first Antarctic expedition by Robert Falcon Scott, best known as Scott of the Antarctic. Both arrived home safely, in contrast to Scott's ill fated second expedition to the South Pole, and the ship remains in the city today as its foremost tourist attraction. In more recent times the discoveries have been in cutting edge technologies and biomedical research and the university attracts students from all over the world. There is much in history and contemporary features to discover about the city and the Dundee hotels provide the perfect starting point to do that.

In addition to its notable maritime heritage, the city is known for its industrial contribution in the 'three Js', which are journalism, jam, and jute. Such is the success of these industries that only the jute mills have been confined to the city's history while the other two continue to thrive. Famous local publishers D.C Thompson are perhaps best known for children's comics the Beano and the Dandy, still published in the city today and Dundee marmalade is still being exported throughout the world. The history, culture and activities of nearby towns are certainly worth exploring too, such St. Andrews or Carnoustie, where golf is the undoubted attraction.

As a city where science and modern technologies provide research positions and economic opportunities, many Dundee hotels have facilities tailored for those guests who have business and work commitments in the city. A popular place in which to hold meetings and conferences, there is often extensive meeting spaces available in hotels, with IT equipment and support and catering packages generally available for a variety of corporate events. There may also be additional hotel features available to any corporate guest, such as computers with internet connections and access to office equipment and services. Guest rooms will be similarly well equipped to meet the demands of the modern world.

The more ttraditional Dundee hotels will cater for private as well as corporate functions and can provide superb historic environments for weddings and banquets. Traditional hotels range from the grand Victorian properties which are typical of most historic cities to classic old pubs and inns which have for a great number of years provided rest, lodgings and food and drink to weary travellers. A great ambience certainly for a short city break, they will also likely offer some good pub food and a lively local bar, often with evening entertainment.

There are modern Dundee hotels too of course and these will generally have a greater range of features for the business traveller and other luxurious country house hotel options which make the most of the beautiful rural surrounds of the city through an incredible array of leisure facilities. For those on a tighter budget or who prefer more intimate accommodation there is a good selection of smaller hotels which will offer comfortable rooms, a hearty breakfast and convenient access to the city's major attractions.